Entrance fees to visit the Kruger National Park

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We often get asked, how much does it cost to go to the Kruger National Park?

There are fees to enter the Kruger and visitors are required to pay a daily conservation fee on entrance. The fees are payable on arrival at the entrance gates & offices or can also be pre-paid online via the SANParks website.

Zebras Kruger National Park


Fees vary whether you are a South African resident or an international guest, but the funds are vital as all the money generated from the entrance fees go to SANParks to oversee and promote conservation in South Africa.  

So how much does it cost to visit the Kruger?

The daily fees to enter the Kruger National Park (as of 1st November to 31st October 2021) are as follows:

Standard Conservation Fee (International guests):

R424 per adult, per day. R212 per child, per day.

South African Citizens & Residents (with ID):

R105 per adult, per day. R52 per child, per day.

SADC Nationals (The 16 member states of the Southern African Development Community):

R210 per adult, per day. R105 per child, per day.

Skukuza, Kruger National Park

If you are visiting overnight you will pay the above fee for each day you stay. If you are planning an extended trip, consider purchasing a Wild Card. See our blog post for prices and more information on Wild Cards here.

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